What is MS Trust ?

-We actively manage your money and make decisions locally, not at a distant corporate headquarters. We manage your investments individually, and we adjust your portfolio based on changing conditions.

What does Monspace related to MS Trust ?

-MS Trust is a standalone company who works for handling Monspace shares.


What is KYC ?

-KYC stand for “Know Your Customer”.

What is KYC Events ?

-KYC Events is events for all of Monspace Shareholders.

-In this events, MS Trust will do KYC Appoinment with every of Monspace Shareholders.

-We will also doing a sharing session for share information about “What is MS Trust”, “What is purpose of KYC” and latest news about shares.

What is KYC Appointment ?

-KYC Appointment is process to integrate all of shareholders information into the MS Trust database.

-All of shareholder information that MS Trust collects will submit to the Public Notary for notarization at United States of America.

-The fees cost for the notarization process of each KYC application is RM200.00 (MALAYSIA)/ Other countries charges may differ.

How to do KYC ?

-Shareholder can book an appointment in MS Trust website (https://monspacea.asia/appointment/) or directly walk in in KYC Event.

-Make sure you bring your KYC Form with needed Document.

How to do KYC Appointment ?

-There are 4 step of processing KYC Appointment. Every process have their own counter.

How much for KYC fee ?

-KYC fee is RM200.00 for Malaysia Citizen only (Subject to notarization fee)

Why need to pay KYC admission ?

-The admission fee is for public notaries.

Can I do KYC Appointment without pay KYC admission ?

-No. You can’t proceed to the next step of KYC Appointment if you don’t make a payment.

What is KYC Form ?

KYC Form is form that contain the shareholder data that needed for notarization process.

This form need to submit by every shareholder at KYC Appointment. Please download KYC event form from this link:-(https://monspacea.asia/download/) or can submit KYC online using this link provided:- https://monspacea.asia/form/

What if I don't have KYC Form ?

You can get KYC Form by download it from MS Trust website (https://monspacea.asia/download/)

Can I do KYC Appointment without KYC Form ?

No. You can’t do all of KYC Appointment process without KYC Form. KYC Form is compulsory.